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1st Battalion 69th Armor

Black Panther

Vitesse Et Puissance

Dedicated To Everyone Who Served In The 1st Bn 69th Armor

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As the Greeks used to say, the honor of Thermopylae was not the winning or the losing: It was being there.

December 2015 Panther Tracks    Right Click to save to your computer as PDF file

April 2015 Panther Tracks    Right Click to save to your computer as PDF file

69th Armor Association Membership Form    Right Click to save to your computer as MS Word doc file or HERE as PDF file

My Tour    One Tank Gunner's View Of The War

List of Men in My Platoon    1st Platoon Charlie Company 1st 69th Armor

Topographic Maps of Vietnam   I Corps, II Corps, III Corps, and IV Corps detailed topo maps

Photo Collection   of the men, machines, and locations of the 1st Bn 69th Armor in Vietnam

GPS Position Information for our AO   Highway QL19E and Highway QL1

1/69th Armor Unit History   For the period 68-69

B 1/69th Armor at Ben Het   Tank versus Tank Engagement

Ambush on QL19   1/69th thwarts NVA ambush on April 10th, 1968

Weapons Of The 1/69th Armor   The M-48A3 and the Hershey Tropical Bar

US vs NVA Casualties    It seems as though our body counts were too low...

1st Bn 69th Armor Killed In Action   All Gave Some...Some Gave All

Casualties During My Tour    We lost some good men

Tankers KIA    Names and Units of all 725 tankers KIA (150kb table - be patient)

Medal Of Honor Recipient   SP5 Dwight H. Johnson

Glossary Of Terminology Used In Vietnam   I thought everyone knew what an arclight was

The Enemy In Your Hands    MACV Rules For Handling POWs

Tips On VC/NVA Mines And Booby Traps    If you had to read this, you were probably in trouble

Standing Orders, Rogers' Rangers    Never come back the way you went out...

Standing Orders For REMFs    Base Camp Commandos Need Rules Too...

Books About the Vietnam War   Book Reviews You Won't See In Atlantic Monthly

Vietnam War Myths    Say it ain't so, Joe!

69th Armor Records    Researching the 69th's history at the National Archives and Records Administration

Nerve Agent Allegations    Peter Arnett and Time Magazine Dream Up Rambo Plot

Vietnam Era Music    Songs America Listened to While We Were In The Bush

Mustard Agent Allegations    America's Secret War in Burma

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