69th Armor Unit Crest

1st Platoon, Charlie Co, 1st Bn 69th Armor

Grohman's Gremlins

"You Find 'Em, We Grind 'Em"

This page is dedicated to 1LT John Easton and MSG Allan Scavella

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1st Platoon Company "C"

Platoon Leaders

1LT John W. Easton                                     (KIA 25 Sep 68) 
1LT Howard J. "Stretch" Grohman (LTC Ret)              (Springfield, VA) 
1LT Thomas E. Hatcher                                  (WIA 15 Jan 69)

Tank Crews

Charlie 16

TC:     1LT Howard J. "Stretch" Grohman (LTC Ret)      (Springfield, VA) 
Gunner: SGT Raymond J. "Smitty" Smith                  (Costa Mesa, CA) 
Driver: SP4 Billy Kneipp                               (Carthage, TX) 
        SP4 Paul T. Victory                            (Address unknown) 
Loader: PFC Donn Cunningham                            (WIA 25 Sep 68 - Address unknown)
        SP4 Mike Fitzpatrick                           (WIA 24 Aug 68 - Address unknown) 
        SP4 James R. Gingery                           (421 Porphyry PO 125 Gypsum, CO 81637) 

Charlie 12

TC: SSG Ronald D. Hughes (Address unknown) SGT Raymond J. "Smitty" Smith (Costa Mesa, CA) SP5 Glenn C. Edwards (Address unknown) Gunner: SP4 Charles "Chuck" Barker (Trevose, PA) Driver: SP4 Ray Bender (1839 Kimberly Rd Mosinee, Wisconsin (715) 359-8469) SP4 Ron Hartzell (2826 RT 309 Orefield, PA 18069 (610) 395-8956) SP4 Ed Dawicki (Spotsville, NJ) Loader: SP4 Thomas E. Rapp (WIA 10 Jan 69 - Chicago, IL) SP4 Andrew J. Anderson (Address unknown) SP4 Kenneth W. Rolfe (Address unknown) PFC Robert Taps (Address unknown)

Charlie 13

TC:     SSG Chester L. "Tremendous" Brewer             (Deceased 7/11/2001) 
Gunner: SGT Terrance Seidschlaw                        (Address unknown) 
Driver: SP5 Peter A. Realini                           (191 Beaver St Franklin, MA 02038-1805 (508)528-2286) 
Loader: SP5 James E. Hudspath                          (265 Woodlawn Ave Albany, NY 12208 (518)438-7646) 

Charlie 14

TC:     MSG Allan Napolean Scavella                    (KIA 16 Jan 69 on Hwy 19)
        PSG Milford M. Nye                             (Address unknown)
Gunner: SGT John C. Bound                              (1745 First Avenue Pottsville PA 17901-2130)
Driver: SP4 Robert M. Byerly                           (Address unknown) 
        SP4 Ronald R. Goehring                         (Nashville, TN) 
Loader: SP4 Kenneth Patterson                          (WIA 16 Jan 69 on Hwy 19, Las Vegas, NV) 

Charlie 15

TC:     SSG Joseph E. "Chickenman" Ahlman              (Address unknown)
        SSG Ronald D. Hughes                           (Address unknown)
Gunner: SP4 Nelson Smith	                       (Address unknown)
        SP4 Benny Lucas	                               ('67-'68 Address unknown)
Driver: SP5 Walter W. Davis                            (Akron, OH ??)
Loader: SP4 Ronnie L.Bass                              (Tennessee ??) 

Platoon Artillery FO:
SGT Lou La Chance, (7/15th Artillery)                  (Washington State) 

First Sergeants:
1SGT Ferry, Maurice A. (HQ Platoon)                    (Address Unknown)
1SGT Burton, Ralph R.                                  (5741 N 61st Ln Glendale, AZ 85301 602 934-5488)

Platoon Medic:
SP4 Fritz Padilla                                      (1130 E. 89th Ave Denver, CO 80229) 

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