Tips On VC/NVA Mines And Booby Traps

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The following was taken from USARV GTA 20-1 (August 1967). Each soldier arriving in the Republic of Vietnam was issued this GTA (General Training Aid), which measured 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, and required to keep it on his person at all times.

Be Alert - Stay Alive

Mines and booby traps can kill so be alert and stay alive
If possible, don't be in too much of a hurry
Never take anything for granted: it might look harmless, but it might be a killer
Evidence of old camouflage may indicate mines and booby traps
Suspect all objects that appear loose or out of place

Always look for trip wires
Never bunch up and become a good target for command detonated mines
Destroy mines and booby traps in place or mark, report, and leave them alone

Before cutting trip wires, check both ends for booby traps
Objects should not be disturbed without checking for booby traps
Only the enemy's imagination limits his use of mines and booby traps
Be especially careful in areas where you are expected to slow down, bunch up or become a good target
You can learn a lot from the local people: seek their help locating mines and booby traps

Trails and roads should be suspected: check refilled holes, areas covered with straw, littered with dung,
      pavement repairs, and other suspicious spots
Report mines and booby traps immediately
Always check your area for evidence of mines and booby traps when you set up your defenses
Probe gingerly when mines are suspected; don't depend solely on mine detectors
Since there was nothing in the area yesterday, don't assume there is nothing there today

Knowledge Inspires Confidence


Mines and booby traps are favorite devices of the VC/NVA. Grenades, spike traps, AP and AT mines and a variety of other means are employed to harass, slow down, confuse, and kill friendly forces. The forms of these weapons are limited only by the imagination of the designer.

Your best defense against mines and booby traps is...




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