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The following books, maps, and other material may be of interest to those planning a trip on Route 66. The order of appearance is purely random and does not imply suitability to task, it's just the order in which I picked them up.

A Guide Book To Highway 66
Jack D. Rittenhouse
ISBN 0-8263-1148-2
University of New Mexico Press
Albuquerque, NM 87131

A pocket sized facsimile of the 1946 First Edition. While the descriptions are for the most part wildly out of date, the book is none-the-less useful because it lists the route in great detail and is a link to the past. Highly entertaining. Price: under $10.

The Route 66 Traveler's Guide
Tom Snyder
ISBN 0-312-04587-5
St Martin's Press
New York, NY 87131

A sort-of-pocket-sized book. Contains reproductions of AAA (American Automobile Association) strip maps originally published in the 1933. The current interstates are superimposed on the maps to make finding the old portions of Route 66 easier. The route descriptions are up to date and feature references to Interstate exits to facilitate navigation. This book is not only highly entertaining, it is very useful. Price: $8.95.

Road Map of Historic Route 66 Collector's Edition
The Editors
ISBN None visible
2331 (D-2) E. Ave "S" Suite 170
Palmdale, CA 92550

I do not remember where I purchased this map. It may have been in a Barnes & Noble bookstore, or in one of the tourist attractions along Route 66. But I am glad I bought it. Despite the rather involved title of the map, it is highly useful. It contains 6 strip maps showing old Route 66 as a red line superimposed on current map strips. It shows Interstate exits by number and where applicable by street name. It is actually quite well done and worth the price of $4.95.

Be aware however that without more detailed route directions you will waste alot of time backtracking to find missed exits and missed landmarks. This map provides a 50,000 foot view of the old road. Bring along another source of route directions to complement this map.

Route 66: A Guidebook To The Mother Road
Bob Moore & Patrick Grauwels
ISBN 0-9641457-0-7
13994 Boquita Drive
Del Mar, CA 92014

Another guidebook, but with color photos (by Yannis Argyropoulos) to complement the text. A nice book that has mileage information to help in navigation. Note: take his mileage information with a grain of salt. A BIG grain of salt. I followed these directions and discovered that his odometer was extremely inaccurate.

The text is informative and humorous in places. It has "stamps" in the back which you tear out and paste into the book in special places in the text for a particular attraction, such as the Snow Cap in Seligman. There is room to get the autographs of people you meet along the way. A good book (except for the odometer readings) worth the money. Price: $17.95

Route 66: The Mother Road
Micheal Wallis
ISBN 0-312-04049-0
St Martin's Press
New York, NY 87131

You may hear this referred to as a "Coffee Table Book". It's not. It is a well written, informative history of Route 66 with beautiful photography. This is, to the best of my knowledge, the best book about the old road. Price: $29.95

Route 66: America's First Main Street
Spencer Crump
ISBN 0-918376-18-1
Zeta Publishers Company
P.O. Box 38
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625-0038

A very nice book which includes 43 strip-map reproductions of the 1933 AAA maps and 180 historic black and white photos, most of which you will not see in any other book. This is certainly worth the price. It makes a good addition to your library. Price: $11.95

Route 66: The Highway and Its People
Photographic Essay by Quinta Scott
Text By Susan Croce Kelly
ISBN 0-8061-2133-5
University of Oklahoma Press
Norman, OK 87131

Published in 1988, this was the first of the books about the highway. This is another book that you may hear referred to as a "Coffee Table Book". It's not. It's really a good read, and the only drawback in my opinion was the deliberate use of black & white film to record the well chosen images. While I understand that some subjects just look more compelling in black and white, I think they overdid it. However, the photography is first-class with some truly great composition. Price: $29.95

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