Ice Hockey Player Under Garments

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Lower Body

The best method for protecting your lower body is by wearing what is referred to as a "jock short". This garment has a built in protective cup as well as Velcro fasteners to hold your socks up.

The better jock-shorts have extra padding around the hips, the small of the back, and the buttocks. I recommend the Shock Doctor "Shock Skin" line of under garments. They have a built-in cup, Velcro fasteners, and a superb amount of padding. The best of these is the Shock Skin 580. See it here.

Upper Body

Lots of manufacturers make upper body under garments. For protection as well as moisture wicking, the best choice is the Shock Skin 530 long sleeve shirt. See it here. This garment offers protection for the places your shoulder pads do not.

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