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Reebok Edge Jersey

Reebok Edge Authentic Jerseys are the real deal, exactly the same as the players wear. I have a number of
Flyers jerseys, and a number of different NHL jerseys for teams which I think have cool logos and colors. The Edge jersey has a fight strap which goes around the loop on the back of your hockey pants. It is held in place with a metal snap as well as Velcro.

Make sure you're getting the real thing by looking for this collar tag.

In case you're wondering, I got the two customized Boston Bruins jerseys with the Stanely Cup 2012 Champion patches specifically to wear to Anaheim Ducks' games when the Vancouver Canucks are in town. Their fans are truly obnoxious and the Bruins jerseys piss them off.

When you get these customized, the only option is sewn-on tackle-twill letters and numbers.

Reebok Premier Jersey

These jerseys are much less expensive than the Edge jerseys and from a distance they look identical to the Edge jersey. You can also have these customized with either heat-pressed (from the NHL), or sewn-on tackle-twill letters and numbers from every vendor other that the NHL.

Reebok Practice Jersey

The same thing the players wear at their practices. NHL players don't bother putting names and numbers on their's however. That doesn't mean you can't. You can either get heat-pressed letters and numbers, or sewn-on letters and numbers. Sewn on is more expensive but it lasts indefinetely whereas the the heat-pressed variety eventually peel off.

Other Jerseys

I also have various non-NHL jerseys including those from the movie "Slap Shot". I had to have Oggie Ogilthorpe from the Syracuse Bulldogs, and Jack Hanson and Reggie Dunlop of the Charlestown Chiefs. I got one cool jersey in Honolulu at the Hawai'i Ice Palace. I also couldn't pass up USA and Canadian Olympic jerseys (Kane and Richards respectively. I get a Nickelback tour hockey jersey every year they offer them. The final jersey in the photo is my team jersey from the Anaheim Ice Rookie League.

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