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Goalie pants are very different than player pants. Newer pants from Bauer and Vaughn are less different because they do not have knee pads built in as do the older styles.

The newer style pants require separate knee/thigh pads.

It's a good idea to get a pair of volleyball knee pads to wear under your goalie knee pads. Even though you will be wearing leg pads which cover the knees when standing, when you go down in the butterfly position the outsides of your knees are still vulnerable (requiring the knee-thigh pads) and the vollyball kneepads cushion your knees from the impact they get when you drop into the butterfly position repeatedly.

My first pair of goalie pants were the Vaughn V5 7460. I used these for a couple of seesions but did not like them so I bought a pair of Bauer Supreme TotalOne pants. They work much better, have a front closure method superior to the Vaughn style. Protection is excellent.

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