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Before you buy a goalie catching glove and blocker (especially online) you have to know the difference between "Full Right" and "Regular".

"Full right" means you catch with your right hand and hold your stick in your left hand.

"Regular" means you catch with your left hand and hold your stick with your right hand.

The most important feature in a glove/blocker combo is fit. If they don't fit properly, and aren't properly adjusted on your hands, they will drive you to distraction while playing goal.

Protection is equally important. As with most other things, the more it costs the more protection you can expect. But be aware that you will feel it when catching an NHL-caliber shot anywhere on the glove other than the mesh (and if it's not a proper fit and properly adjusted that shot will probably pull the glove off your hand.

I chose the Reebok P4 glove and P4 blocker. Here is a side view of the blocker.

Most gloves and blockers are adjustable. They will both have a strap (with the ubiquitous Velcro) for securing the glove around your wrist. The catching glove will also have a strap which allows control of the tightness over the back of the hand.

A long break-in period is required for today's synthetic material catching gloves. Ignore all the advice you get at the rink such as "use shaving cream to soften it". That didn't have any effect other than to make the glove smell great. These are not like baseball gloves of old where you could soften them with linseed oil. They don't absorb anything, so the process of breaking them in is a long one requiring use. The joke at the rink is "Good news! I got a new glove! Bad news! I got a new glove!".

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