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Clavicle protection is an often overlooked area. Your clavicle bones (one on each side of your upper chest) are very thin, about as thin as a pencil. If they get broken or cracked it is a painful and debilitating injury requiring a visit to the emergency room, and a long period of recovery and rehabilitation. Therefore, protection of this area is extremely important. Go here to get more information on this type of injury.

All the major equipment manufacturers offer some form of clavicle protection. These include Bauer, Reebok, and Vaughn. Here are some links to resellers that carry these products:




All of the above are BNQ certified, meaning all sanctioning bodies allow their use. Go here to see all products from all manufacturers.

There is also an individual in Canada by the name of Gary Battram who makes custom goalie gear and offers a throat collar with gel cushioning. You can view it here.

Do NOT order one from Maltese Sports in Sewell, New Jersey. They offer "custom made" clavicle protectors that they claim require two weeks to be manufactured to your specifications. However, one month after ordering one, and having my credit card charged $118.08 one month ago, I have still not received it. To make matters worse, they refuse to answer numerous requests for status information (via Twitter, Facebook, emails, and voice mails). Clavicle protection that you pay for and don't have over your clavicles is no protection at all. I called the credit card company to dispute the charge and they credited my account immediately. Avoid these guys.

In the end I purchased the Reebok Pro Goalie Neck Collar. In addition to the throat and clavicle protection it also has sternum protection. A rear view shows the additional spine padding.

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